Current Position

I am a technical expert at Almerys (Orange Business Services).
I also do teaching at Université Blaise Pascal and ISIMA.

My main interest are web technologies, SOA & BPM, in the Java world, and virtual systems administration for developers.

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My research as a Ph.D. student at LIMOS (CNRS UMR 6158) dealt with data integration. I worked on query languages for business protocols, ETL optimization and cloud computing.


I did consulting for Almerys during my Ph.D. (Doctorant conseil). Working on human-computer interaction, business processes and business rules.


I am a teacher assistant at Université Blaise Pascal and ISIMA.


  • LavaJUG, Auvergne Java User Group.
  • My Github page.
  • Teardrop, a meta-search engine I developed as a personal project.